for tankmans and pilots, read info before play
Information about the server


Hardcore full real server for tankmans and pilots.
Max mission duration: 12 hours(next mission load sooner if one side wins)
Random weather
Random mission start time(from 4 to 11.59 AM)
No icons, no gps, no improved visibility, no technochat
No return planes and tanks - use repair and rearm area on airfields where placed medical car(Opel or GAZ-55) and on tank bases placed rearm and repair car, medical and refuel vehicles. They can be destroyed by the enemy and respawn in 1 hour after death.
If you just use "new try" option - quantity of planes or tanks will be reduced - it is way to lose mission by the losses.
Service area for tank bases vehicles 10 meters, for airfield vehicles - 100m
One airfield per side have NDB which help pilots find airfield via radio compass
AI vehicles, artillery and other objects - respawn in 1 hour after death
Vehicle columns - respawn timer will start only when last vehicle from column destroyed
Icons show columns and mission objectives statuses - they disappear from map when objects killed or objectives completed
Fuel quantity is locked on 100% for all planes and tanks.

Server Discord


SRS available on server

Server Rules

1. Insulting players
2. Attack friendly players

Server Team

Administrators: NHK295M, adds
Designers missions: NHK295M, adds

Special thanks to:

-DED-olaff and Yonen for support in server creation!
-DED-Zlodey for random weather program(RWeather)!
-DED-Rapidus for server commander
CountZero for tankman il2 stats mod
super-truite for Random weather script